Sinking Foundation Repair & Leveling Beaverton, Oregon

Solutions for settling basements, crawl spaces and concrete slabs

At Beaverton Foundation Repair, our experts solve sinking and settling foundation issues of all kinds – small and large.

Signs of a foundation that is settling more than normal are often not obvious at first. In fact, many homeowners can go many months and years before noticing a crack or lean in their foundation walls. The long ranging of damage of basement sinking should be taken seriously as it will lead to more severe and costly issues over time.

As a result of massive weight, houses, buildings, and other structures settler into their soil below. This sinking is often caused by changes in weather – freeze to thaw – and overall soil conditions.

Like small hairline cracks in a foundation wall, a tiny amount of foundation settlement is common – especially in homes that were constructed in recent years.

A stable basement or crawl space is supported by strong dirt and soil and dirt beneath it. If the soil fails in holding up the foundation’s base and walls, countless unnatural problems can occur – including cracks, bowing, and gaps where water can leak in.

What is causing the problem is a guiding factor in determining the best repair solutions for the job. That’s why our fully licensed and insured contractors fully investigate the interior and exterior of your concrete slab, basement or crawl space before ever starting work.

Our free consultation comes with a detailed written estimate and timetable for project completion. We work with you on a one-on-one level to meet your needs and budget.

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Uneven floors and other common signs of foundation settlement

As your home and property is the most significant investment most people make, it’s vital that the foundation is completely stable and delivers support to the entire structure. Proactively fixing failing, damaged, and unstable basements, crawl spaces and slabs increase the value of your home while also providing long-lasting warrantied stabilization.

As previously mentioned, however, structural failings do not typically occur quickly. That is why we recommend that you do routine checks for signs that may lead to expensive foundation problems.

Large cracks in walls and floors, bowing walls, as well as sagging, bouncy and uneven floors are the most obvious signs of a foundation that is settling beyond a natural point and requires leveling. Other symptoms include tilting leaning chimneys, doors and windows that jam and stick, drywall cracking around windows and doors, and popped nails.

A common repair method for leveling a foundation is installing steel pies that extend deep into supporting soils and offer permanent stabilization. Alternative solutions are concrete piers, concrete underpinnings, and in very rare cases, a complete foundation rebuild.

Count on us to help you find the right solutions. We offer no-cost inspections and quotes to give you peace of mind.