Foundation Inspections Beaverton, Oregon

Free evaluations for residential and commercial basements, slabs and spaces

We know that it can be quite a challenge to really know if you have a foundation problem at your home or place of business. Having a professional diagnose your property can give you peace of mind and allow repairs to be done (if needed) as soon as possible to prevent more damage from being done.

Our Beaverton, Oregon foundation repair contractors provide free estimates for homeowners and commercial business owners throughout the Portland region. After all, it’s not fair to charge you if an issue isn’t present in your basement, crawl space, or concrete slab.

After our thorough assessment is complete, you are in no way obligated to hire us if work is necessary. In fact, we encourage you to get at least two or three other estimates and opinions.

You may discover that our competitors in Beaverton provide a no-cost evaluation, but follow up with immense sales pressure to enlist their company for the job. That’s not the way we do business.

With us, you will never have to deal with sleazy or unfair sales tactics. We are happy to give you the most information to help you make the best decision for your needs and budget.

Of course, we hope that you pick our licensed, insured, and experienced professionals to assist you. You can be confident when you choose us for cracking, bowing, and sinking foundation repair, as well as foundation leak solutions and house leveling services.

Contact us today to schedule your free inspection with our local company.

What you can expect from our no-cost assessments

The reality is that the more info you have, the better off you will be in making an informed decision about your property. We much rather prefer to work with home and business owners who are informed and know what to expect.

When we visit you for an inspection, our foundation experts investigate the soil around the structure to determine moisture levels. We also fully examine the interior and exterior of the basement walls, ceiling, and floor for cracks, bowing, and settling. Part of the assessment also includes observing symptoms of structural issues, such as cracking drywall, jammed doors or windows, leaning chimneys, uneven upper level floors, and popped nails.

When finished, you are presented with a detailed report that shows what damage is present and what customized methods can be used as a solution. We also deliver an accurate quote that is free of charge.

In some cases, we find there is nothing wrong with the foundation. We hope that is the case. Our crew is concerned more with the overall stability of your foundation than making a few extra dollars. We will be happy to know that you have peace of mind.